”’Max Kishah Puksy”’ is a Papua New Guinean (PNG) charismatic (movement) Christian Missionary, principally known for his gospel missions in PNG. Max Has a passion for Evangelism Ever Since Childhood at about the age of 12 years old growing up in one of the notorious settlement in the Capital City Of Papua New Guinea- Port Moresby. The Community where he lived is called Horse-Camp. It was his place of making where God made him into what He is today.

Early life

Max Puksy was born on 19 September 1987 in Port Moresby General Hospital, National Capital District, Papua New Guinea.
He was a born-again Christian at the age of 9 after his only mother spoke with him about the punishment for a sin he committed, unless Jesus saved him- He made a personal decision to Receive Jesus Christ as his Savior at the age of 12. He never regretted since then. He felt a call to preach the gospel in his home country, Papua New Guinea, at the tender age of 13 and says that he had the experience of Baptism in the Holy Spirit during a music practise session for a Big Christian Outreach Centre (COC PNG) Asia- Pacific Gospel Crusade that was happening that week at a COC Church Located in Gerehu, Port Moresby- Now The CHurch there is called Debeni’s Living Waters. He is the son of a late father Mr. Melare (which means Eagle in the Gulf Tokples) and Mother Fifi Firu Mauti (A Housewife and Beautiful Disciplined Mum). His Late Father Melare (Eagle) Max was technical ex-serviceman in the PNG Technical Trade Services, who initially did not take Max’ Call to preach the Gospel seriously.

Max studied at The Butuka Primary from Grades 1-8. He continued to do his lower and Upper Secondary at KilaKila Secondary in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea, where he was mostly inspired by the Church Pastors That Resided in the community he was growing up. Pastor Aaron and Christine Oai, In one meeting after Oai spoke of about Impacting The Society under the Prophetic and Apostolic Unction/ Anointing of the Holy Spirit’s Divine Influence, Max prayed, “Lord, I also want to be a man of faith and Influence when I grow up. I want to see your way of providing for needs of People, Healing The Sick, Delivering The Possessed/ Obsessed, etc. After graduation at the Secondary School, He was selected as a top 5 student to study for Bachelor’s Degree in Science, Applied Physics, Electronics and Instrumentation (BSAP). He graduated at the Papua New Guinea University Of Technology as the top 5% of the His Course Mates and Colleagues. His University life was very tense and painful in Lae, Morobe Province, PNG, where the was away from Home for the 1st year of studies in 2008. His biological father died when He was 4 years old. He never knew his biological fathers face even to this day. His birth was premature due to complications from the Mother- He was his mum’s Miracle Child. His Mum is a village and is still alive today as I write his Biography. The Beautiful Mum got married to His 2nd Dad, Puksy Akere, who is from the Western Province of PNG. His Dad Puksy is a Professional Upholster/ Furniture Maker. He brought Max Up in very ambiguous and bizarre environment in the community that was in disaster with alcoholism and broken families- He soft heart and attitudes got instilled in Max and that is what we can notice and identify in this young man now. He is a great reflection of his Dad Puksy Akere- Puksy Akere was a Devoted Church Leader of The Servant Day Adventist Church and the principles of fearing God was paramount. His mum does not know how to read and write. She is a village woman but fearing God and Respecting God in their Family was of Paramount importance. From The First Dad, Max has Got a Big Sister Named Doris, and From The 2nd Dad, he has a impetuous small brother Jerry who is always critical about issues in the family. Max loves them both very much. Max is known in the family as the most quietest young man growing up but had weird questions that would always bring about sensible solutions in the family even through family issues. That is one of the attributes of this young man that brought him to where he is today (Still Pursuing his wildest Dreams and Visions).

The Call For Missions And Evangelism In Papua New Guinea

Max Had a dream to Travel The Length and Breadth of His Country’s [[PNG| Papua New Guinea]] 22 Province. He never knew how it would happen. His vision was to travel PNG to Preach the Gospel. During His UNI Days he was appointed the PNG UNITECH Tertiary Students Christian Fellowship President and also the advisor to the University Board and also the Student Representative Council. His appointed was due to his leadership style and influence in the Institution. Many admired his leadership style in God to uphold righteousness and purity. And Many still talks about him up to this day as I write his Biography.

Now The Dream about traveling his sovereign nation was so strong inside of him anytime He shared the Word Of God in the TSCF UNITECH Fellowship as their President. Remember, in any leadership structure, there is always an assistant and his assistant was Bob Kebaja. This young man is from Tari, Hela Province in PNG. This young man had a vision to travel the larger scale of PNG but never told Max until in their final year at the University in 2010. Before then, Max Had a divine appointment with God where there was a Bible that literally appeared on a sit in the chapel where they fellowshipped then. That Day Max had an exam for his final year of studies and he went to the Chapel to have a personal time with God Praying and asking God about the next phase of His Life when Graduated from the University. To His Surprise he saw the New Century Bible that lied flat on the sit. To Max curiosity, he went to pick up the Bible and to his surprise, he felt an electric shock when his hand got in contact with the Bible. He was amazed and fearful that he left the Bible and moved some meters away. He looked around to see if someone was near and that it was his Bible but no one was there that day. Max staggered backwards due to the aftershock and the Spirit Of God convicted him to take the Bible to put a notice at the student Mess if it was lost and someone needed to claim it. One Week went and another, no one showed up! Max covered that Bible with PNG Flag and left on his room study table at the University. He went on with the daily chores at the University when one night God Showed Up to Him in a vision and said; YOU WILL USE THIS BIBLE TO PREACH THE GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST TO THE NATIONS OF THE EARTH! That night Max woke up crying and praying in His Room asking God; Why Me? I do not belong to a wealthy family where I could Bombard the whole World with such assignment. After Negotiating with God that night, he was directed to read Romans 10:14-15- God spoke to him and said; “How can they preach, except, they be SENT. I am sending you my Son! Go and Preach My Word”. You are sent from my Heart to the Nations of the Earth as my Arrow of Deliverance! But it will have to Begin with your Nation First! “The Bible Covered With PNG Flag” which I have given you is my Gift and investment in such a young man like you I am training. That Bible will Touch The 22 Province of PNG!” This Prophecy from God has happened literally. This Bible was also Opened for the First Time In at the WURUP AOG Church in Mt Hagen. After The Service, The Whole Church Recommitted Their Lives to The Lord. It was a Massive Salvation Service from the Senior Pastor and His Church. And Sure, The Bible has prophetically touch the Soil of the 22 Province of PNG. Now The Next Assignment That Awaits is to meet the expectations of the Nations Of The Earth. It Is a great assignment so God will have to train Max in a Multi-Cultural Non-For-Profit Organization First. That is in Missions. His first formal Job is as a Missionary serving with Mission Aviation Fellowship Papua New Guinea as an Informations Systems Specialist and Also A Trainee Missionary Pilot.

Impacts in Workplace, Training, And Gospel Crusades/ Conferences

Now! One would ask! Why is Max in Missions? He is a professional young man that has skills to work in prestigious Organizations and Company’s far and wide! Ask Him and He will answer you. I once asked him a personal question concerning his career and listen to his response: and I quote, “It is very dangerous to have dreams and visions that aren’t breathing”. His response has somewhat made me to research this statement but to this point as i write, I have not found a satisfactory answer as yet. I pray one day I will kindly ask him to Explain so I may Understand. He also told me point-blank that he was sent into Missions for a reason but he never explained it to me in detail. I suspect that he is on-course for a greater Divine Impact in PNG and Abroad. I see the writings on the walls are clearly being explained as he continues to Preach The Gospel Of Jesus Christ without Fear and Favor and throughout the prophetic nation of PNG. I also found out lately that He had the Greatest Opportunity in His Life at a tender age of 23 or 24 to Preach the Gospel Of Jesus Christ to the Current Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea- Rt. Hon. Peter O’Neill during the Nations Historic Political Impasse that shook the Nation of PNG in 2010-2012. Now this does not happen to ordinary people.

Max is currently working with a subsidiary sister missions organization to MAFPNG and that is [[Christian Radio Mission Fellowship|Christian Radio Missionary Fellowship Papua New Guinea]] as an Information Systems Specialist. It was path of MAFPNG’s Dream to see this young man trained well and to help the churches in PNG with Technical Skills. He is currently under intense Microsoft Certified Professional Informations Systems Administrator (CompTIA A+ Professional). He is also continuing his training as a Missionary Pilot with MAF International. He has found favour with many Profound Missionaries in PNG.

Beyond 2015 Gospel Missions

He is currently invited on overseas trips to Minister in Conferences and Crusades. 2015 and beyond holds massive conferences and crusades to preach the Ever Powerful Word Of God. 2015 Gospel Events are as follow:
1. University Of Goroka TSCF Gospel Crusades (completed)
2. Markham Valley High School Gospel Evangelism Crusade (Organized By The PNG New-Breed Gospel Ministry Band and The Body Of Churches)
3. Southern Region AOG Combine District Youth Conference
4. Buka, North Solomons Province Body Of Christ Organized Gospel Crusade/ COnference (Teaching Series)
5. The Highlands Region Christian Outreach Centre Youth Conference where He will be Ministering in the Chimbu Province-PNG)
6. And Many More up and coming event.

I am up to date with his movements in Gospel Events and will be updating my blogs for Prayer Support in PNG and Overseas. Such a young man are UNIQUE in the way God is raising them. Let us All stand together for such breeds that had sacrificed their profession for a longer lasting Gospel Impact in the Lives of the Massive Population.

Personal life

After graduating from the Papua New Guinea University Of Technology in Lae and returning to Port Moresby, Max Kishah led a series of crusades meetings in Port Moresby with the Body of Christ as far as the Central, Western and Oro Province on low profile Ministry Trips- In 2014, I had calculated about 20 plus trips flying to and fro from where He was located in MAF Mt. Hagen every weekend just to be invited to Preach. He is a kind of young man that is down to earth and does not boast about what he does for God and I am convinced and persuaded to write his biography. He began receiving speaking invitations from all around Papua NEw Guinea and the rest of the world which is currently on-hold: He does not want to speak out concerning that Ministry Opportunity because He respects His Spiritual Fathers in PNG Very Highly. He has the heart to serve his spiritual fathers namely, Ps/Ev. Edward Wange, Ps/Ev.Derrick Benson, Ps/Ev.Charles Lapa, Ps/Rev/Ev. Joseph Walters, Ps/Ev.Joseph and Susan Kingal and Ps/Rev. Tony Dalaka. He is a very humble young man who likes to be at the background causing havoc to the Kingdom of Darkness. He is currently on Schedule to Preach in the UK, Germany and hopefully meet with Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke, Switzerland, Brazil, Australia, New Zealand, etc. He never wants everyone to know until he finishes his first book he is writing titled “God’s Generals in PNG”. Max has a clear, direct and a cutting-edge relationship with the spiritual Fathers/ Mentors of PNG in both Pentecostal and Mainline Churches. The 2x Books he is writing are:

1. “God’s Generals In Papua New Guinea”
2. “The Purpose Navigator”

Both Books are planned to be published between 16th September 2015 and 2016 Respectively. That will be 3 days before his Birthday. We are already excited to sharing the dream together. I am also helping in editing his books. I am already excited for the great harvest of souls that awaits to impact lives through books. He will also be Ministering on Television Networks, Publishing His Articles On PNG’s Daily Newspaper and The Radio Networks Right Across The Nation. He has written alot of Principle led solid life wisdom on his articles that PNG needs to see. It will surely guide PNG to its purpose and destiny in God.

God has given him the vision and dream to Preach The Gospel To The Nations Of The Earth Without Fear and Favor. He finally says; and i quote:



Max’s Autobiography, ”Living a Life Of Humility That Ignites Divine Flames” is a collection of stories of his life including accounts of his childhood growing up during a life of God-In-The-Making and living in shanty camps to his early years in ministry and how he believed God used him to bring the gospel of salvation to PNG.

Slogan and Motto:

“Impacting The Nations For Christ”

“Daniel 5:5”

“The Writing Is On The Wall”
External links

* [ Impacting The Nations For Christ]
* [ Videos]
* [ Audio]


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